Sunday, 30 November 2014

Neonatal Baby Nest Tutorial

As you may already know on 11th Jan 2015 we are holding a Sewing Day for Milton Keynes Neonatal Unit, making Baby Nests;

For anyone who can't make it but would still like to make a baby nest and drop into us or MK hospital here's a quick tutorial

First Print off these pattern sheets

Next join the pages and cut out the pattern.  Note - Use 10mm or 5/8th inch seam allowance which is included in the pattern.

Next cut out your fabric - the padded head section is cut on the bias to allow it to bend nicely.

Cut 2 x each of the base and the padded piece.

The hospital have asked for just the padded section on it's own, so for this fold the long padded section in half length ways right sides together.

Sew using zigzig/ stretch on your machine (this is really really important as the fabric cut on the bias will stretch when stuffed with the hollow fiber and we don't want popped seams or hollow fiber coming out near babies !) leave both ends open.

Turn inside out, stuff with hollow fibre and close each end with your sewing machine.

So that's complete, now for the Baby Nest

For the padded section fold length ways again but this time wrong sides together, and sew using zigzag stitch leaving both ends open.

Next cut 1 piece of wadding the same shape as the base and quilt together.

Next pin the padded section to the base as shown & sew to the base around the edge - 10mm or 5/8th seam again.

Next take the other piece of base fabric, place on top right side down as shown, sew from notch to notch.

Next turn out so it now looks like this

You are ready to stuff the padded section - so it looks like this 

Fold the ends under and machine stitch closed.  Next turn inside out again and close as much of the gap as you can

Turn the right way out and turn under the remaining gap and top stitch closed with your machine.  Then I hand sew the corners of the padded section flat just because I think it looks nice.

All done :-)

 Don't forget if you want to join us here's the event details 


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