Sunday, 26 April 2015

Almost Finished Quilt !

This weekend I'm delighted to have almost finished this quilt ! as the quilt top has been waiting to be quilted a little while but prep for sewing classes and other quicker projects jumped the sewing queue !!

I whizzed through the quilting, and put the binding on in such a rush that it needs a little more attention before it's used, but I thought I would take some pictures in the garden now while it's dry as we are forecast rain this week.

I've been on my hands and knees basting it for what seems like forever, it's a little creased, but over all I'm really pleased with the finished quilting. 

I used EQS 100% Bamboo wadding and I was a little disappointed as it's thinner and not as bouncy as the 50% Cotton 50% Bamboo and I think the quilting doesn't look at nice as with my more expensive wadding but it was on offer online and I have lots more to use up !  It does drape beautifully and it's a lovely weight I'm sure it will wash up just fine !!!

I quilted it with Aurifil Cotton 40wt as I like my quilting to be seen, and I used stitch No. 4 on my Bernina Activa - running stitch also know as serpentine stitch.  I had the width set one notch below max 5.4 and the length 3.4, and I used my walking foot.  This quilting is so easy and quick !
Here's a closer look at the quilting 


The fabric line is Riley Blake Little Ark and the pattern is from a book by my favorite blogger Alison over at CluckCluckSew.

I shall post some pictures when is washed so you can see how it looks and hopefully the wadding will wash up better !

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Beach Bag Tutorial

The weather is getting warmer so the perfect time to make yourself a colourful bag for the beach !  

The fabric we used is Robert Kaufman Geopop Canvas by Emmie K, I totally love this fabric line & there's some more colour options see over on the Robert Kaufman Website 


1/2" Seams throughout unless directed otherwise.

1. First cut out your fabric; 

            2 x Outer Fabric 45cm x 50cm
            2 x Lining Fabric 45cm x 50cm
            2 x Outer Fabric  2.5inches( sorry for the change to inches used my patchwork ruler) x 80cm
            2 x Lining Fabric 2.5Inches x 80cm

2. Handles - Take the long pieces of fabric, (the handles) and fold the long sides over so they meet,

Iron flat,place both folder edges together and pin

Then Top stitch approx 1/4 inch from the edge.

Now you have your handles ready to attach to your bag !

3.  Attach Handles - Mark 51/2" from each edge of the top of your bag, and place the strap on the outside of the mark as shown below. Then sew with a 1/4inch seam back and forth a couple of time to hold in place.  (Tip, try to keep the handles at a right angle to the bag).  Repeat for both handles.

4. Sew Bag edges - Place fabric right sides together (Tip, I find it easier at this stage to pull the bag handles up out of the way), and using 1/2" seam sew the sides and the bottom of your bag together, as shown by the dashed line below.

5. Sew Lining Edges - in the same way as shown above for the outer fabric.

6. Make Boxed Corners - Take the bottom corner of your bag outer fabric and measure 11/2" from the seam as shown below;

Mark the 11/2" square, cut it out and then pull the seams together to form your boxed corner as shown below.  Sew this gap closed using the same 1/2" seam allowance.

Sew the gap closed using the same 1/2" seam allowance so now it looks like this;

Repeat the boxed corners for the lining also.

7. Now we can turn the lining fabric out so that the right sides are on the outside, push out the corners from the inside so it looks like this;

8. So we are almost done we just need to sew the lining fabric to the bag outer fabric ! To do this put the lining inside the bag so both right sides are facing, so the outer of the bag is still inside out.  Tuck the bag handles inside the bag. 

Now sew a 1/2" around the top of the bag but leaving a gap of the few inches between one set of the handles.

9. Next turn the bag the right way out through the gap you left.

10. Iron the top of the bag so it's flat ready for top stitching, and then top stitch (in a lovely colour thread) 1/4" or closer to the top of the bag all the way around this will close the turning gap we left.

11. Your beach bag is finished !!  

We had a great time making this at a recent Beginners Sewing Class I taught; 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Our class sewing machines

A few of our students have said it would be helpful to know what machines  we provide at classes, to help them decide if they want to bring their own or not. Good idea I thought ! I'd like to know if I was coming to a class !    

We have.....

2 x Brother LS14 Machines
These are only a few months old, really really easy to use. Top loading bobbins, 14 pre set stitches including zig zag, and 4 step button hole.  My first machine was a brother so I'm very very bias but these machines are excellent value for money for a basic beginner machine.  Nice and light to take with you to classes/sewing group etc.

More details here if you are looking to buy a good basic machine.

1 x Brother ES2020 

Computerised machine, every easy to use.  Can change stitch width and length, and choose from 40 stitches also has auto buttonholes.  It has a LCD screen which tells you the stitch number selected, width and length and it also tells you which presser foot to need for certain stitches ! love that.

1 x Bernina Activa 220

I only bring this machine to some classes as it's heavier and slightly more complicated to use, although it's really easy once you get used to it just looks like lots of buttons !  It has variable needle positions which are really really handy - I have done a full review of this machine here

We do hope to expand our range of machines as soon as we are able, as the business grows :-)