Monday, 6 July 2015

Sewing Cafe - Mini Make

At our Sewing Cafe day on 2nd August - details here there will be some free mini makes to take home;

The first one is a no sew fabric butterfly for any children who attend.  These will be prepared to all you need to do is cut out with a sharp but round ended pair of scissors.

Here's what to do

Iron on 2 pieces of firm interfacing on the reverse of your fabric (this will be done for you for the sewing cafe afternoon).

Draw yourself a butterfly template, and then draw around this using air eraser pen,

Next cut out your butterfly

Then you need to fold your butterfly's wings out so it can fly :-)

Then make your butterfly lots of friends

There's so many things you can decorate with these, sew or glue them on hairbands or hair clips, or on canvas for wall art :-)  Or white tack them to your walls, mirrors or chalk board !

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