Saturday, 8 August 2015

Handmade Espadrilles !

I was browsing Sew Magazine the other day and they mentioned that The Makery had done a YouTube video on how to sew your own Espadrilles here.

The Makery also sell everything you need including the soles, but being a bargain hunter I did a little googling, to see if I could find any soles on sale, and found that New Look had these sandals for just £3

As I'm often between sizes I ordered a size 6 and 7, and even with delivery was still only £9.99 !

The only downside to my money saving idea, was unpicking the new look sandal, and not having a pattern, which is provided with the prymm sole that The Makery sell. 

There is a free pattern here although the prymm one is probably better as it's designed for their sole.  I decided to make my own pattern as I have wide feet and thin ankles so have a nightmare with shoes.   

Here's my test version....I have identified I need the size 6 but a few stitches at the heel makes these wearable so I'm ready for the beach.  I think on the next pair I'll make the heel fabric a bit higher and the foot part smaller but they are really easy to make, I never hand stitch anything if I can avoid but I really enjoyed sewing the blanket stitch around the edge was very simple to do.

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