Tuesday, 10 November 2015

About our Classes

I thought I should write a little bit about our workshops in general so people know what to expect;

1. Class Size
We keep our class sizes small to ensure you get enough tuition, for example absolute beginners machine sewing is no more than 5 students.   We also show our class sizes on all our bookings.  

2. Friendly flexible tuition
Although each class is fully planned our classes a not formal, we don't stand at the front and talk at you, we show you each step and then if needed each step on a one to one basis. We don't expect everyone to work at the same rate, we welcome questions not just about the project but any sewing questions you have.  I hope that this way the course is tailored to each group & everyone learns lots of new sewing skills.  

3. We include refreshments tea/coffee :-)

4. Equipment
We don't send you a huge list of equipment you need to go out and buy after you have booked the course ! All the equipment pins, rulers, rotary cutters, cutting mats, marking pens, needles, etc are all available to use on the day.  For some classes we will ask you to bring your own fabric, this is so you can choose the fabric you like but we always provide equipment for you to use.   

5. Sewing Machines - we have modern easy to use sewing machines available to use if you don't have a working machine to bring along.

We have 2 Brother LS14  

We have 1 Brother ES2020  - computerized with auto button holes really user friendly
We have one Bernina 220 - this is my own home machine really it's heavier than the others and so I only bring this as a spare !

6. Location/Space
We currently teach at The Nimble Thimble in buckingham , their workshop area is bright and theres lots of space really important to have room for cutting out.  When we aren't able to use The Nimble Thimble we hire local venues, we always ensure class numbers are not too big for the space.

The Nimble Thimble Workshop area

Monday, 9 November 2015


I do apologise for the lack of blog posts, we have been so very busy with 1:1 classes I've not been very good a taking photos or writing for the blog.  

I have also been working on 2016 workshops including researching new classes as we have had lots of requests for dressmaking.

I've just added a tab on the blog with some photos of our teaching locations here 


First up is The Nimble Thimble Quilt Store in Buckingham.....