Thursday, 24 November 2016

Zipped Pouch Tutorial

At our beginners workshop we normally make a zipped bag with boxed corners, so I thought it would be helpful to pop a tutorial up on our blog for reference for anyone who has been on the class or might come across our blog.

I do apologise that the photos are not great it's been so grey over the past for weeks and although I did purchase some photography lights they are very yellow so I need to find some better whiter lights asap !


2 x Outer fabric 11" by 8"
2 x Interfacing if using lightweight fabric (like in this example)
2 x Lining fabric

1 x 10" Zipper 

In the photos I've used a quilting cotton fabric and iron on interfacing.  If you use curtain weight fabric or canvas you would not need to interface.  I only used interfacing so that the bag will stand up on it's own.

Step 1 
Cut out and apply interfacing

Step 2
Pin or clip zipper to one piece of your outer fabric, note the zipper pull should be facing the right side of the fabric.

Step 3
Using your zipper foot sew your zip in please.  Remember that the zip foot edge should be on the right just by the zipper teeth and the needle should go down just inside the notch on the zipper foot.

Step 4
Repeat for the other side

Step 5
Add your lining fabric as shown, so the right side of the lining is facing the wrong side of the zipper. Pin/Clip and sew in the same way as for the outer fabric.

Step 6

Now the zipper is attached to lining and outer fabric, iron or press with your fingers so that the fabric is pulled away from the zipper teeth on both the outside and lining.

Next topstitch close to the zip edge.  I like to use my normal foot for this and just line up to the edge of the zip teeth.  I also change to a topstitch cotton 40wt thread and make the stitch length longer to look nice and neat.

Step 7
Open your zipper so it 1/2 open (this is so we can turn the bag the right way out later)

Next clip or pin the outer fabric and lining together and sew around the edge leaving a 3"-4" gap along the bottom of the lining fabric.

Use a 1/4" seam allowance or if you don't have a 1/4" patchwork foot the edge of your presser foot will be fine, just take care near to the metal zip stop.

Hopefully you can just about see the gap here

Step 8

This is optional only do if you would like boxed corners on your bag.

Mark 1 1/2 " from the sewing line as shown on the 2 photos below

Then cut the corner off and open up the hole as shown 

Pull together the 2 seams and place the seam against each other with the seam allowances going in opposite directions as shown, and sew across using the same seam allowance.

It will then look like this ...

Step 9 

You are almost finished, turn your bag the right way out and push out the corners by putting your hand in the gap we left in the lining.

Sew the lining closed by pulling it out and top stitching to close the gap like shown..

So then the lining is neat and your bag is finished :-)



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