Sunday, 2 July 2017

Pattern 8222 Skinny Jeans Review

As you will know if you have been to one of our classes I'm a huge Mimi G fan and I always recommend her youtube channel and blog to anyone starting out in sewing/dressmaking as she has such great clear tutorials.

I saw this pattern (Simplicity 8222 - widely available online) , on her blog ages and ages ago but I wasn't sure if my machine could manage sewing denim too well....but then I decided I needed to try ! 

FYI - I have a Bernina Activa 220 and it didn't mind the thick seams although I did hear the needle pull a little in places, and it refused to do the belt loops although I think I could have made some with less layers of denim than recommended.

I used a Schemtz denim needle size 16 with Gutermann sew all thread for the seams and a Schemtz topstitch needle in size 14 with Gutermann poly topstitch thread (this was so thick 30 weight never put anything to thick in my machine but it coped fine).

Mimi G has a amazing video tutorial for these jeans where she goes through everything so clearly and even though I've been sewing for years I found it gave me the confidence the jeans would turn our looking professional with the topstitching and machine bartacks in the right place.   Here's the link to her channel on part 1 there's 5 videos in total.  Honestly I cannot recommend enough FAB FAB instructions.

So here's my finished jeans.. the pattern is just brilliant I kept putting my favourite jeans against the pattern pieces just to check the shape was ok for me, and they are fairly close to my fav - UK Next Lift and Shape although they don't come as high or curve as much as those at the top.  

One of my errors is that my denim doesn't stretch as much as the pattern calls for (I mis heard I think on the video) I think mine said 12% stretch and the pattern recommends 25% cross grain.   The denim has washed really well (definitely pre wash you don't want those perfect jeans to tight), hardly any dye has come off.

The denim was from Ditto Fabrics - they have a great range I just need to select a more stretchy one next time just because that is what I prefer.

Here's the back - I played really safe and used the same colour top stitch thread ! I know very dull of me !

You can still see the chalk pencil for the fly even though I've washed them again I think I over did it - hopefully next wash it will come out !  As they don't stretch I need to extra fabric on the knees or I would have taken in but then I wouldn't be able to bend my knees !

If you are not sure if your machine can sew layers of denim you can often get samples online first.  I would 100% recommend this pattern can't give it and Mimi G's tutorial enough praise !